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Expert Opinion Letters

Park's Expert Letters are thorough and unbiased assessments of talent, typically produced in support of extraordinary-ability aliens, outstanding researchers, national-interest waivers, labor certifications, and O-1 cases. Experienced Park Experts and evaluators delineate specific points that UCSIS officers often depend on for positive assessments. Our Expert Letters contain detailed information about the candidate and explain his or her unique talents and technical achievements, delineating all awards, recognized publications, and other relevant information. These comprehensive letters are performed by recognized industry leaders.

In order to produce an expert opinion letter, we require the following:

Documents Required:

  • A thorough resume detailing specific jobs held, names of employers, dates of employment, and responsibilities of the positions held.

  • Reference letters from previous employers verifying all details of the employment mentioned in the resume.

  • All academic records, including diplomas, transcripts, and postgraduate degrees

  • A reference letter from the employer attesting to the basic facts of the employment summary

  • Additional reference letters from industry colleagues

  • Copies of all relevant publications and conference presentations

  • A list of any and all industry association memberships as well as any honors or awards.

  • All relevant press clippings, including from the foreign press
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