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The Future of the Work Visa Under Biden’s Presidency

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By: Rachel Horner Joe Biden has a long list of pressing issues awaiting him once he is inaugurated as the 46th President. For the immigrants affected by the Trump Administration’s policies on work visas, there’s hope that immigration is towards the top of that list. While the Trump Administration has made attempts to restrict who can enter the country by revising America’s immigration system, the H-1B program became a larger target after the pandemic began to affect the United States. In June 2020, Trump issued Proclamation 10052, which suspended H-1B visas from being issued. Soon after, with the sharp decrease in immigration , USCIS almost furloughed a significant portion of their employees. However, a judge in California ...

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Major Flaw in New DOL Rule Taken to Court

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By: Rachel Horner Only a few weeks after its publication, the DOL’s new IFR, “Strengthening Wage Protections for the Temporary and Permanent Employment of Certain Aliens in the United States,” which restructured the wage level for H-1B employees, has been challenged to court twice. The first lawsuit, ITServe Alliance, Inc. v. Scalia, argued that the data behind the rule is inaccurate. Another lawsuit has since followed suit, led by the American Immigration Lawyers Association. According to Forbes, the lawsuit, entitled Purdue University et. al. v. Eugene Scalia et. al., argues that the new DOL rule unfairly mandates an annual salary of $208,000 for over 18,000 occupations.  Because the percentiles for many occupations have been increased ...

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